Monday, October 10, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...the next few months will fly by and before we know it it wil be Ch...Chr...Chis.... sorry just can't bring myself to say that word in October even though it is in the shops already!!!

So what are you planning to do for your festive season scrapping project. I think I read Ali will be sharing her plans soon.

In preparing for that 'D' month I thought I would share a few pages from my last years December Daily.

What have you done in the past? We would love to check your projects out so leave a link in the comments for us all to visit :)



  1. I love this album Di! I love the size and the different sized pages and I also really like the printing on cardstock look.
    I find these sorts of albums really challenging as I don't do 'ecclectic' well at all, I always feel as though I end up with mess more than anything else.

    But, I won't be thwarted .... I'll try again this year!
    No more of the Chr word though, okay?!

  2. its just great Di, and you look to have heaps of room to continue in the same album...I have collected, but yet to compile, my own compressed version from over the day, perhaps soon when the silly season mood strikes!

  3. Beautifull album...
    I love the picture "4"...everybody in the bed!!!

  4. Di, I love your December Daily and in fact I LOVE doing this project. It's full on but totally worth it when it's finished (unlike the finishing touches to my WITF)

  5. Love the look of your album...have never been brave enough to try one with different sized pages etc.-maybe this year!?
    Alison xx

  6. I did a digital version of December daily in 2010... finished & printed it in Feb :)
    You can see it here


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