Sunday, October 9, 2011

'love it' (layout & sketch)

A new layout for you.

Firstly, here is the photo, of my children, and their cousins on their first swim of Spring - always a moment to be captured for us beach loving types!! 

And here it is scrapped.

A super simple page that uses one 6 x 8 photograph and a few strips of cardstock.  The background is the colour that-can-do-no-wrong and that would be 'whirlpool' and there is a strip of patterned paper thrown in for good measure and it is by 'My Mind's Eye' (the 'Penny Lane - Feeling Groovy' line). Seriously, this pp is so good! I have used it, little strip at a time and it somehow goes with everything!!  That's a cheap Officeworks date stamp up here in the corner, best $6.88 I ever spent. 

As usual, because my three children are in the photo, I scrapped a page for each of them. It was basically a production line affair, except I changed the little embellishment in the circle on each of them. This was one of the variations.... a pale blue flower with a brad.

AND I have a sketch for you so you can swing this layout straight into action, if you like it that is!
All you need is a favourite photo that is special enough to stand alone, and make a statement. And it doesn't even have to be a 'great' photo, just a photo that is special to you, aesthetically great or otherwise!! 


  1. Nicole, i want to know how you get your punched cirlce bits so perfectly right. my eye must be a bit wonky cause I have so far not been able to do this to my satifaction....and thanks, love the sketch, it could work with two portrait style photos instead of one big photo as well!

  2. Definitely would work with two 4x6 portrait photos - exactly the same size as one 6 x 8.

    With regards to punching circle, I always turn the actual punch upside down when I'm punching so I can see exactly where it will punch. I slide the paper in (holding punch upside down) until it is just shy of half way. The 'just shy bit, being a millimetre or 2, allows for the gap between my two pieces of cardstock (in this case the gap showing the whirlpool). If I had no gap, I would go exactly half way - I just try to go by eye, and hope for the best. If you are allowing for a gap, and 99% of the time I am, just punch a few mm short of half circle and you should be about right. Don't forget to hold punch upside down so you can see right where you are punching. Essential!!

  3. The sketch is great Nicole, and pretty handy as I am bereft of ideas for my post on Tuesday, thankyou!

    I too endorse turning the punch upside down for accuracy, works every time.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I have first spring swims to scrap too .....

  4. Beautifull!!!
    i love it so much...
    Ta page est parfaite!


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