I'm the ditzy blonde in this little collection. The one that has a million ideas but never really gets round to following through many of them :) My friends call me 'Distracted Di'. But I am happy being that way. I call it "flexible"! I share my life with my hubby, who is my best friend, my 3 amazing daughters who make me smile everyday and have mended my broken heart. And a son who I miss dearly. I live in the Southern Suburbs of Sydney a stones through away from the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. My life is good and I can say I am happy. Afterall my son would want me to be.

I first discovered scrapbooking 13 years ago. For the first few years I  dabbled in all kinds techniques and bought the latest 'must have' products. I had pages that looked cute but cost way too much for my liking. I would look at those pages and think, cute but what will the girls think in years to come? Will they file these pages away with the folk art lazy susan my mother made for me. (Better hope she doesn't find this blog!)

Then one day I bought a copy of Simple Scrapbooks on the book stand. Not long after I purchased 'Clean and Simple' by CZ. I sat and read and I realised this was what I had been looking for in the world of scrapping.  This was what it was all about for me. Simple designs that made the words and pictures the stars of the page. Pages that we can look at over and over again and not every get tied of the design or distracted by the stuff on the page. Simple, timeless pages. Not long after this purchase I walked into a local scrabook store and saw pages on a wall advertising a class. The pages were just like Cathy Z's. I signed up, went along (days away from giving birth to Livvy) and made a friend for life that day. Someone who scrapped the way I wanted to. (Someone who cooked a dinner for me, but I will save that story for another day.) Nicole and I have been friends ever since and here we are today along with scrappy friends we have made in real life and on-line, hopping this little blog will inspire you to be the memory keeper in your family. To tell the stories and share the photos that make your life special.

For me memory keeping is bitter-sweet. I record the things that happen in our lives and I record the stories I remember about Mark's time with us. And I do this for my girls so they will remember the things we did when they where young and so my little girls get to know the brother they never met.

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