the round peg in the square hole, award winning (snicker snort) photographer and celebrated scrapbooker and mother of three dreadfully neglected children, residing far in the back of beyond, in North West Queensland.

Hi everyone. I was going to change the above bit that I wrote in fun, but I thought, nah, its all true, apart from the part about the award winning photographer and celebrated scrapbooker.

I do live in North West Queensland, in a small, remote township.  I've taken photos for the longest time, long before I knew about scrapbooking, or even had children to take photos of.  I started scrapbooking when pregnant with my second child in 2004, after resisting for awhile...but once I started, I was hooked.  I didn't know what my "style" was, but looking back at my earlier pages (even the dodgy ones) it seems I was a simple scrapper right from the start. I wish I had realised earlier, and saved myself some money that I wasted on inks, silk flowers and other assorted bits of crap stuff languishing in the bottom of a drawer.

I love to record the little stories and the things that we get up to in our rather unpredictable lives. From going to the beach on holidays to the cattleyards, from the funny little things that the kids say, and observations about anything and everything. And playing about with pretty paper and sticking things down is fun too.

Drop by my blog and say hi. I'd love to see you.

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