I'm a Sydney sider and a Mum to 3 girls, aged 7, 8 and 11 and a wife to lovely and yummy and warm Canadian husband. I married him because he is warm, and I'm usually cold, especially today, as I write this mid winter and my hands are freezing. If he ever goes cold, it is over. He knows it. Probably will have to re-write this paragraph when the summer returns.

When I'm not running this house, which is the most hectic job ever,  I paint canvases to sell, I take photographs of families, and I work in the Art Department at a school part time. In all my spare time (snort) I scrapbook. I scrapbook not for the 'craft' or even to be creative. I scrapbook as a way of remembering the little things and I use it to write 'letters' through journaling to my girls, as a way of communicating my thoughts for them to read down the track, when I'm senile, in a home, and not remembering a thing. I hardly remember a thing now, so maybe it will all come in handy sooner that I think.

I'm into cardstock and my computer. Maybe a brad or two. I'm not into glue guns, sequins, glitter (though Di is!), heat embossing or embossing powder or of anything embossed, tiles, buttons, lace, ribbon, epoxy stickers, embellishments in general. I'm fine if you are. I think I'm just lazy.

I have a thing for white (white clothes, white cardstock, white paint) and my simple philosophy permeates to all areas of my life. I love to purge, clear out, cull! I don't have much of anything, and I like it like that. I think not much 'stuff' bring a calmness, and this is true in life as well as on scrapbook pages.

That said, scrap however the heck you want. If you scrap, and get the stories down and you like it, good for you. I don't care how you scrap. Just scrap. I'm a 'just do it' type.  Speaking of type, my favourite font is Gill Sans Light and Century Gothic Light.

I'm happy this blog is here. I look forward to perusing it with my morning coffee.

For more of my stuff and my ramblings, visit here. 

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