Monday, June 4, 2012

Week Six | ORANGE

Well, have a look at this .... I used patterned paper!

I'm not getting the stories down that I want to at the moment, it's frustrating. Sigh.

Have a great week everyone, bring on the orange!


  1. love it, and yes I forgot too. need booking into the old peoples home already.

    love orange and kraft. orange is a great colour to work with!

  2. Welcome to my world. I have always been a little green eyed of your wonderful recorded stories. You'll get back into the swing soon I'm sure.
    Now that reminds DD came out with a cracker on Saturday - must get it on paper!

  3. Oh my...she looks so grown up in that photo!!!

  4. ah, those big doe eyes and that little pixie face! I suffer from CRS (can't remember shit) as a side-effect of fibro. Notepads and checklists are my friends!


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