Friday, June 1, 2012

Purple on Friday

The last day of our purple week!

I like purple, and like when I do purple layouts, but I have very few. I have very little purple paper for some unknown reason, and always have to scrounge into the deep depths for purple cardstock scraps or patterned paper. I really have hardly any. Purple seems to have been a challenge for the other Simple girls too.

But today I have, shock and horror, a NEW layout for you, taken with my current favourite type of photos, 'Instagram'!

And here is an old 12 x 12 layout that I still haven't put a title on - only 3 years late. Planning, one day, to have a title in white thickers across bottom right hand corner of main photo. Call me lazy. 

This last layout is really really old, about 6 or 7 years, but I love this layout, as it uses 4 photo (one odd shaped) and the colour combo was Cathy Z inspired.  Would do a slightly brighter green if I were to do it again, but it's still one to look back on and be happy!

See you next week!


  1. colour blocking is in doncha know, so that last one is right on trend! love them all, and esp the instagram one. how do you print yours?

  2. It's funny, in my mind I had thought that I had seen several purple layouts from you over the years!
    I love your top layout, the scalloped edges look fantastic.
    I don't use instagram, any info about print quality would be interesting.

  3. @Sharon, I printed them at home on my printer. Have just order some mini prints from Instagram though - so excited. Plan to do some 8x10 collages in Photoshop and get printed at Harvey.
    @Amy, Well ofcourse it's not like an SLR as far as quality, and forget the zoom, but the grain on them adds to their feel, and the blur tool on the instagram ap is to die for, as are the filters. Happy place.

  4. Oh my look at the girls in "sister fun"...where has the time gone???

  5. Oh my look at the girls in "sister fun"...where has the time gone???


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