Wednesday, May 30, 2012

red and yellow and pink and green...PURPLE

I guess you've worked out the sequence of events around here by now?

my take on purple, in which I delved into the archives and found some purple pages from when the girls were little and oh so cute...look at those little chubby cheeks...awww.

IMG_3787love the simplicity of this design, although it doesn't allow room for saying much, but sometimes not much has to be said. Seeing this page reminds me of how that little one used to plonk herself in that bike and hope that her sister would come along and take her for a ride....and I love that paper. Think there might be bits of it in my scrap drawer still.

IMG_3789here is a bit more of it on the next purple page, with even more brevity of words :-) That cake was a true masterpiece from my kitchen, double iced and all. Flowers were from my garden. That plant has long since died. That kid is still a ratbag though, at two she was just hitting her straps.

Does looking at your old scrapbook pages, or even your photo albums, send you on a trip down memory lane? Funny how one photo strikes a memory chord, which leads one off on a tangent and one ends up in a completely different place than from where one started....


  1. First of all, great pages Sharon!

    I was looking through some old photos the other day and I nearly started crying ... the children are babies no more and I was sad at that loss of innocence!

  2. Love all the old pages we are posting...well those of us that are on the ball :(


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