Wednesday, June 27, 2012

oh krafty day...

OK so kraft is not a problem colour for us here at Simple Aussie Girls. It goes with pretty much everything, a bit like how white is the perfect backdrop as well, but just a wee bit tastier and forgiving. And it doesn't get lonely when its out there by itself, with just a bit of a doily to keep it company. (and isn't this digi doily amazing? honestly, well to me anyhow, this page looks pretty darned "real"!)

I've got oodles of stories I want to tell, but felt like doing this one today, completely inspired by this photo someone else took at my brothers wedding recently. I was one of the photographers, but here I am liking the photo that someone else took ;-) you can hardly even see my little boy in this shot, but still I love it.

weddingBecause this was such a big exciting event in my kids lives I plan on doing one of two things; using this as an introductory page, slotted into each of their albums, and following with one or two pages of collage photos from the day. Or perhaps just get a little photo books made each. But that is more expensive so I think I will just do the couple-of-pages thing, and follow the kraft & white theme I have started with this page. If you've read my blog you would have seen the gorgeous bright colours of the wedding party, which just glowed against the stark dirt paddock (kraft coloured perhaps ;-) ?) where the wedding ceremony was held. The same effect will be achieved in sticking to the plainest possible colour scheme in these pages, allowing the bright colours to glow.

A lot of thought and breakdown behind something I have done more or less just because I liked it!

And if the page design looks familiar, you'd be right, I've borrowed one of Amy's templates. Usually I have lots of photos and lots to say and wouldn't normally fit both on this pared down design, but for today, just perfect.

I've left room at the bottom beside the date, for a little bitty white brad to go in when its printed.

One more thing: what would you like to see more of here readers? More sketches? more scraplifting? pages with more photos? pages with more writing? or just shush and be quiet girls?! please, we'd love to hear from you!


  1. I am really enjoying the layouts; they are giving me lots of ideas. I scrap largely in 8.5 x 11, so many of the layouts are "liftable" in some way. I would like to see more layouts with more than one photo, or double page layouts. I love to check out your blog each day!

  2. Thanks for your feedback, this is just what we want!

  3. I was staring at this page thinking it looked familiar! Duh!
    The doily is so life-like, it's amazing.

    I think you cleverly managed the wedding photos so that they were near the kraft coloured paddock ... I know I would have! great layout Sharon, I love the simplicity and still you have managed for it to look contemporary.

  4. Great layout! Thanks Justasiam for your feedback. Incase you haven't already, you can search 'double pager' or 4, 5, or 6+ pages in the 'labels' section in the left hand side bar.

  5. Love this layout - do you have a source for the digi doily? I love the sketches, would love digital templates, and generally just the liftable ideas!

  6. Lovely LO! Is it a digi doily or was it added after the fact?

    1. Hi Cheri and Susi...the doily is a digital one, and it came with a kit from Design House Digital "G Bursett - Ever After". The kit itself has lots of kraft and orange goodness included. Hope this helps!

  7. Stunningly elegant Miss Shazza xxx


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