Thursday, June 28, 2012

black, white & blue... funny. Our favourite sporting team are black white and blue! Go the Sharkies!!!

Well I am here, a few weeks late and worried I may be run out of town by my fellow SAGgy friend??

Looking through my pages I realise I use blue a lot too. I think it is because so many of my photos are taken at the beach, in the pool or near water.

Interestingly, in the above page the top Maddi is wearing is yellow and green. I was scrapping this photo with my scrapping buddy and trying to make it work with those colours, my buddy took one look at the photo and said "her top is yellow and blue"! it is green I told her!BUT in the photo it looks blue she told me...AhHa moment!!!
What you know the colours to be and how the appear in a photo can be very different. I have had this pointed out to be several times by my buddy!

If you can guess who my buddy is I will ask her to do a post on "seeing" colours in your photos when scrapping. Believe me she a "bloody genius" when it comes to colour.

So leave a comment and guess the "buddy"!!

More blue, more pool photos and hehehe just realised there is photo of my Dads butt...sorry!

When it come to black I have realised I seem to always end up with a combination of black, white and blue (Go Sharkies!!!!)

And finally Kraft.

I used this one as it had 8 photos. Thanks 'justasiam' for your feedback. We love hearing from those of you who follow our blog. We all love to look at each others pages but often wonder if anyone else is inspired. It is lovely to know you are :)


  1. well then miss di, dunno about running you out of town now that you have redeemed youself with the multiple layouts! LOVE the design of the grandad page (bum or no bum!) and I guess I am not allowed to guess who the colour nazi is?! ;-)she sees most things in a totally different way to the rest of us, I am sure!

  2. Nicole!!!! She is the only true colour genius I know, although Cathy Zielske's not too bad. Especially LOVE the Grandad page, loving all the pages as always. Just love seeing and get so inspired by simple pages no matter what format they take!

  3. Love the pages Di, all are great!

  4. Well hello, I was wondering where you had slipped off to! ;-) It's always great to see your pages Di, I love the top one particularly - it is your signature style!


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