Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blue...my favourite!

My favourite all time colour is blue...I scrap with it, I wear it, I decorate my house with it! So of course I have many layouts that I can show you. But I'll pick just a couple.

I too am a nightmist fan...it is my go to background colour (second only to white!). Nightmist looks so great with so many colours.

Next up, I have gone a little digital! I created the template of a bunch of squares, added the photos and then I actually stuck bits of patterned paper in the squares with no photos (as I'm not a digital scrapper, I didn't have any digital paper to use). It is rare that I don't include any journalling, but for this layout I didn't really need to say anything. It was just a good way of scrapping a bunch of random photos from the Summer without having ten layouts on the same topic!

There are so many other Blue layouts I could show, but I'll leave some more to the other girls!

Come back tomorrow to see some more blue.



  1. well I never knew its name but I love nightmist too, in fact I think I need to stock up on nightmist, java and kraft which are probably my favourite background colours, along with white of course.

    love that patterned paper on the top page too

  2. Yep, nightmist is an excellent colour of cardstock - glad I'm not the only one who loves it! That patterned paper is very groovy - is it a SU one?

  3. LOVE both these layouts Emma! The pp on the top one is spectacular and you know I love a bunch of square pics to make a collage effect! Love them!

  4. love these and as always stunning photos em x


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