Wednesday, June 13, 2012

how many song titles have BLUE in them?

I have no idea, but two popped into my head straight away..

ANYHOW: on with the show. Blue. Obviously a popular colour with the Simple Girls, and I seem to use it a lot as well. Love me a nice strong navy blue, or a washed out more denim like I have used today, its a very versatile colour.

IMG_3852Another one of those that don't get any simpler, with not one jot of patterned paper anywhere! Created using a CZ template, printed at home and dropped onto some heavy doublesided blue paper (there was an awful pattern on the other side, but I like this plain, linen like blue). Some brads and done.

IMG_3854I could have gone the smaller 8.5x11 size, but I love the white space and the expanse of blue on the double page. It just looked so busy in the smaller page format.

Don't be shy folks, we would love to see your own pages of blue, or green or orange or yellow etc, you know the drill, just leave a link in the comments or upload to flickr, just make sure to tell us!


  1. I love this layout, such a good example of a double pager ... and the colours are divine!

  2. Love the collection of photos and the story. Wish I got to go on a school camp there!!

  3. this is one of my favourites of yours too...seems i like the blues lol


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