Monday, June 11, 2012

Week Seven | BLUE

Hi everyone, it's a public holiday here in my part of the world so I am going to be very quick.

I love blue.
My favourite Bazzill colour is Nightmist ... wooohooo, I can name a colour of Bazzill, pity I don't really use it any more.

If I look back over all my layouts, blue is a predominant colour, by a long way; closely followed by green. So, this is an older page, but is uses both blue and green and is one of those random pages I am really glad I have. It's a digital page made with a template based on a layout by Beth Proudfoot from the old Simple days, she's one of my favourite designers.

Next one is a new one. 12x12 in size and using a blue digital cardstock and a brush, along with some green, well, it's a yellowy green.

I have a feeling that there might be quite a few pages going up this week, blue is a fairly popular colour here at SAG!


  1. I went through my pages last year to work out my 'hard to scrap' colour and found that blue, followed by green were my most used colours too. Is it that they are calming and restful colours? Or is it just that I had such a high proportion of summer holiday LOs with a seasidey/outdoorsy theme?

  2. well lets face it I seem to love all of the colours so far, although pink and purple are probably towards the bottom of my navy blue, combined with any of my favourite brights - yellow, orange,green...also love me a good lungful of fresh salty sea air, don't get it very often though!

  3. I think they are calming and restful colours that don't distract from other elements and also, living in Australia, we do have a lot of outdoor photos, as a rule.

  4. That bottom panel in the bottom layout is basically nightmist - even if it is digital. Nightmist is the only dark blue bazzill that I will use, because of it's murky green base, though 'Admiral' has it's place too! Man, How will I choose a blue layout?? There are only 400+ to choose from!

  5. Love these layouts and LOVE Blue. I have so many blue layouts, just got to pick! The bottom layout is awesome!

  6. Amy...I LOVE the colours in these pages and photos. So fresh and vibrant...AWESOME!!!


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