Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Last Blues!

I just realised that I'm 3 days late with my blue layouts. A layout for each late day!  The first layout uses no blue cardstock at all, but is still very blue! The middle layout sits on an 'admiral' blue bazzill cardstock. The last layout is using my favourite cardstock colour ever, 'Whirlpool'. Some people might consider it in with the greens, but I think it says more 'blues' to me. Though it's definitely debatable? What do you think?
Nicole x


  1. love the last page, the story especially, and I would say the colour is tending towards the blue end of the spectrum myself! (I bought a dress recently on ebay that was supposedly teal turns up and its rather teal green from my point of view....)

  2. I love them all!
    What I do want to know though, is, how do you keep coming up with new designs? I've been making templates this year and I have to say, I think they all look the same - yours all look fresh!

  3. ah...some of my all time favourites :)


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