Friday, May 11, 2012

Yellow - day 5

Seriously, I have a big problem when it comes to making a decision. I photograph most of my layouts so I have a big folder of them all on my photo program (iphoto). I was scrolling through the hundreds of layouts looking for something yellow, and found that I have indeed MANY yellow layouts, and that several of them were some of my favourite layouts.  Then came the decision dilema - Which to share with you?  Well I had about six that I couldn't decide between, and I've narrowed it down to two. So that I don't waste more time on procrastinating, I'm just going to throw those two layouts on this post. They are very yellow, and I really did like them both when I did them.
Today is the last of our YELLOW series - we will begin with a new colour next Monday.  Love colour!

The layouts are 4 years old, but each hold a special place in my heart!

The first is of youngest daughter, and this layout brings back so many memories of her last year at home with me, before she started school (she is now in Year 2). How we both miss that year!! Just yesterday, she said, "Can I stay home with you today, and we can be together like we used to be? We can go out to lunch, just you and me".
We have both had colds this week, so I did let her stay home one day, and we both went out for a coffee/babycino, and remembered the good old days.   Loved 2009. 


This second layout shows my middle girls first soccer game ever.  It too holds great memories, because she loved that first game and this is 'where it all began'. According to Amelia "Soccer is my life" and she now, 4 years later, does development representative training on Mondays, does her team training on Thursdays, represents her school with all the boys on Fridays, and plays for her local team, plus usually in an extra game for another local team, on Saturdays.  I did the laundry yesterday and was thinking to myself how we went from little pink dresses to a line full of soccer socks and jerseys.  She looks so little here - she is now a tall athletic almost 10 year old! Okay all this reminiscing is making me want to scrap! It really is great to look back on.

Nicole xxx


  1. I am really missing kinder as well - it was lovely pottering along the two of us. But, school is great and I am loving being back as work so things are good ... all the more reason to enjoy the moment!

    You know, you could have put in more layouts if you wanted! Yellow week has been fun .... not sure about next week though!

  2. gosh I love both of these, particulary the top one. And yes dont they grow up quick once they get to school....and secretly quite pleased that we don't have soccer up here!

  3. an oldie but a goodie...just like me ;)


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