Monday, May 14, 2012

Week Three | Colour

In Red Week Di posted some song lyrics, if I am guessing correctly, the song was I See Red by Split Enz.
If you know who sings the song ... I Don't Want to be a Stupid Girl .... then you will know that this week we are dealing with the colour -


Ahhh, pink. Mind you, that is not what I initially think when faced with this colour. I find pink an extremely difficult colour to scrap with, it is not a colour I gravitate towards and when I was a paper scrapper, finding shades of Bazzill that were just right, was always difficult.

I did make a page especially for Pink Week, but when I was emailing with Sharon she told me I needed to break out a bit, be adventurous and use some paper ... as in patterned paper and not just cardstock.
I really go through stages with my scrapping and right now my 'stage' is extremely minimalist as far as papers are concerned. Most of the layouts I have made this year have used a plain white or off white cardstock, as you will see in my first layout - which is also a template I made myself.

When I scrap, I do not like spending too much time deciding on papers and obviously I don't like spending time on embellishments because I rarely use them. The paper choices get in the way, well, for me, they distract me from telling the story and what I want to do in my layouts is tell a story. I like a simple design and my photos to be the embellishment for the story.

Anyhow, after a quick look through some of my older layouts I found this one that uses pink more creatively.

See Sharon, I haven't let you down! ;-)
The photo in this one was put through a couple of filters in Photoshop, it was blurry but cute enough to use.

So, that's it for pink as far as I am concerned. I am sure the girls will have many other examples to show you during the week, and, if you get the chance to play with pink this week, let us know so we can visit you and see your great layouts!

Bye :-)


  1. I don't do pink a lot either. I like pops of bright pink now and then but pastel baby pink is a general yuck! I think I am also Mother to a rare breed - an 8yo girl whose favourite colour is blue.

  2. I love that in the first layout photo everything is earth-toned except Julia - who just pops out of the photo! Leaving the background white allowed that feature to stay... sometimes it is better without pattern paper!


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