Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look at the stars...

I have 2 pages to share that have the colour yellow in them.

Here we have taken the yellow in the school uniform and used just a few yellow accents on the page.(Yes we! Yes I had my friend helping with this page it when she finishes her pages and needs to play with photos!)

In this page I just let the yellow from Livvy's shirt stand alone. It is very bright so I thought that was enough and went with a super simple background.

Now last week I asked what song the line "I see red, I see red, I see red" came from. Come on...please tell me someone knows. I will give you another week ladies.

This week  am going to give you the answer for the line that is my title.


  1. I see red is from Split Enz isn't it?

    Love the top layout - I need a friend to come and help me out with embellishments - I can't do them at all!

  2. phone a friend :-) heh heh

    I think I need help with my music obviously.

  3. oh, GREAT pages, I can see the "friend" guess who? influence on that top one.

  4. I am sure that song is called :I See Red" by Split Enz.


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