Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Red

A couple of red blasts from the past for you. I love red! These full paper pages are from 2007 - that makes them FIVE years old.  And even though that is paint on that first layout (hello!!!) and I would never do that now the colour red never gets old!! The chubby bubby in the middle of the top photo is now eight, and these are how my other two 'little' girls look now. 

(The layout titled 'You' shows the same girl as the first photo here.  How did that happen in 5 years? )

Slight change? But how good is scrapbooking when you can look back at moments like this.  Red moments!

Nicole x


  1. gorgeous girls (how marc must dread the teenage years and the Event of Boys) and gorgeous pages.

  2. Oh yes, your girls have grown so much!

    Paint! Goodness, now that's experimental - for a scrap page ... I know it's part of life for you generally!


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