Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Red - Day Three

Sorry I'm a bit late posting today, but I'm here now :-)

So, RED. I like red. Red shoes, red handbags, red accessories.  Funny then, when it comes to making a page, red isn't my first choice of colour.  Like in real life, I like red as an accent, an accessory.  So that is how red came to be on my page.

he's a thinker web(template by CZ) A digi page, when it comes to printing I will turn off the background, print the white bit and stick it down on a bit of blue bazzill (I don't know the colour names like Nic does).

And reading the journaling through again  it seems I need to revise my English skills, I've used two different words that mean exactly the same thing in the one sentence. I can't remember the term for that (grey matter not firing on all cylinders today) but see if you can pick it.

What do you think about red?


  1. This is super journaling Sharon!
    Even though you are planning to print and then adhere to cardstock, I really like the background colour you chose in Digi paper - do you remember the designer?

  2. Love it all. Love red, love the design and love the journling. He is very very cute!

  3. I LOVE everything about this page Sharon, the layout (thanks Cathy Z) the colours, the photo and the paper. Go to the top of the class. PS I commented over on your blog but think I escaped out of it before it posted (oh well). Get hubby onto the heater before it's too cold and I like the instagram pic of the bird with the weathered window ledge. Kathy


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