Monday, April 30, 2012

RED ...

Good morning friends of SAG!

For the next few weeks we are going to post layouts specific to one colour - a week at a time. Starting today, the colour for this week is -


We may or may not be following the colours of the rainbow, we will see .. kraft is not a colour in the rainbow, but it is bound to make an appearance at some stage!

So, let's get things started.

Red appears frequently on my pages as it is one of my favourite colours, so, my photos often have red in them. I like red in titles and red cardstock - though, I am using red less as a background colour as it's pretty strong and my style is a little more muted these days. I have a few red digital papers, not as many as I would have thought, but I am still building my digital supplies.

Okay, drop back during the week and you will see a variety of pages using red. In the meantime, I have to get creative as one of the colours coming up starts with a p and ends with a k, and it's not a colour I use frequently!

Bye :-)


  1. I learned to canoe properly while in college - a class with all the different strokes and where they take you... and have used those skills a grand total of ONCE since then... hmmm, maybe this summer.

  2. Love the bold title and the great checks in the middle. That canoe looks great - would love to have a go myself! Nice page Amy!

  3. I think we've seen this template before, one of your own making? I very much like it, and the lines are still brilliant.

  4. Love the red...and the simplicity of this. yep agree Shazza, love the lines.

  5. Love the red checks ...great page!
    Alison xx


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