Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally some paper scrapping...

And all thanks to the last day of the school holidays being wet and cold. The original plan was a kayak with Nicole and her girls but due to weather the kids had to settle for a DVD and some popcorn at my house and Nic and I had to settle for A FEW HOURS OF SCRAPPING...YIPEE!!!!!

This is Maddi's first day...3 years ago. Ops!! But thanks to my scrapping buddy it is finally scrapped.
She was very bossy my friend...just took the photos, ordered me to get certain colours, made me journal the story and told me to put it all together!!
So love scrapping with my bossy friend...thanks Nic xx


  1. love it, bossy nic and all :-) I think she needs to get bossy with me too (and take my laundry to task as well!)

  2. Lordy, I WAS bossy!! Get this, get that, do this. Least we got the page done, and if I remeber correctly, we even folded some laundry!!


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