Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday sketch (no. 4)

Hi all!  Here's a sketch challenge for you. After a rainy RAINY week here in Sydney, today is spectacular, so all Sydney readers, get out there and enjoy it!! Scrapping can wait (til tonight, anyway). Saturday night raging consists of cardstock, a computer, and some patterned paper!

So today's sketch can use as many photos as you like really. You can fill those top three coloured blocks with photos, or just fill two of them, and fill the other with paper, or as I did, I got 5 small photos into the two horizontal blocks.

I also have a 12 x 12 version for you if that is your preference. The main vertical photo would be good as a 5 x 7 or even a 6 x 8 in the 12 x 12 size.  The main photo is approx 4 x 6 in the 8.5x11" layout. 

My take on the sketch is below. Every year we have a gingerbread making Sunday afternoon in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and every year it get scrapped. I like scrapping traditions, and seeing how big the children get in basically the same photos from year to year. If you've known me or my scrapping for several years now, you may well be sick of all my ginger bread pages!

If you give the sketch a go, post a link to your blog or flicker page so we can see!!

Nicole xx

And here's a 'gingerbread tradition' layout from 4 years ago. Similar colours, smallerr kids! (but slightly different sketch!)


  1. A glorious day in Sydney!!! Perfect for a run this morning, breakfast with the hubby at Cronulla (had 2 hours kids free so grabbed it) football in the sun then a scrap tonight :)

  2. I love gingery flavoured things, but have never made gingerbread! I can just imagine how the enthusiasm wanes after 100 biscuits though.

    I am not kid-free, but have had them running ... me a little too, you would be proud Miss Diane! Makes for a quiet afternoon of scrapping ... see, I have motives!

  3. Super LO design! And that photo on the right is stunning... Lucky family to have someone to document their lives so wonderfully. Gingerbread - I am a fan, and bake my own too. Swap recipes?


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