Friday, March 9, 2012

In the moment...

I have to say I am always inspired by fellow SAG Amy and our good SAGgy friend Alexa. The are both awesome at capturing a moment or a memory with words. I read their blogs and am always inspired to "tell the story". Today I was visiting Alexa's blog and emailing a funny story to Amy and Sharon. So I stopped and told the story on this page.

Template Ali Edwards
I changed some of the title letters to match the colours from the photo.


  1. Now, you know that in about 10 years time this is going to be great bribery material, right! Especially if she wants to go out with a boy ... not that any of our girls will go out with boys until the are 30! ;-)

    This is my favourite way to scrap, your journaling is spot on and just wonderful!

    I love what you did with the title too, great colours.

  2. just perfect....could she see herself on the screen, as some of the faces were just priceless.

    And boys will be too scared to come near my girls, their father already has a reputation for being scary, although their mother is the one to look out for!

    really like how you combined all of the elements on this page Di.

  3. Love it, great page and great story!


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