Saturday, March 17, 2012

saturday sketch #5

Its been one of those weeks where I've had a few ideas wafting around in ether and lot of other things jostling for front place in my mind, so my plans of having a new sketch (swapping with Amy, who at this moment is helping her sister get married, and having a wonderful time).  So I didn't get a new sketch done, but instead I share with you this old favourite, originally torn from a magazine and converted to a sketch by Amy (so really, she has already played along today) some time ago, as OF COURSE I can't find the original magazine page.  Its one that you can follow "as is" or interpret as you see fit.
Template 35 Sharons challengeand here is what I did with it....remembering that I am pretty literal! (and have taken a very fast and dodgy photograph, so sorry Nicole! :-)


 this wasn't done digitally at all, just put the text in a word document and printed, then stuck down my photos and paper (I think I used a brilliant square punch for this)

hope that you can play along, and as always please link up below, and leave a comment, as otherwise we don't know you've left a link.....


  1. I will do this today...I will!!!!!

  2. Great sketch! I hope you don't mind, I couldn't help fixing your pic - sorry!!

  3. Love it...I've done some similar to this in the past but will give this one ago!

  4. I did this last time, but still great to revisit it.

  5. Thanks for the was just what I needed for the pics I wanted to use!
    Alison xx


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