Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nicole's photo book

Di has been hounding me, patiently asking, to see my most recent photo book. This is my present to my parents last Christmas. I have been making a photobook of them and mostly their 7 grandchildren each year for the past 5 years or so. It is their favourite Christmas present and they really look forward to it each year. My mum carries it around in her handbag and shows all her friends for months afterwards. I actually order 2, so that I can keep one for our family too.

This book is by 'blurb'. It's quite small, only 7" square. I might go a bit bigger next time, but it is quite cute. I have used snapfish in the past and have been happy, esp with the price, but the quality was a bit nicer with blurb. I was very happy with this book and I like the dust jacket. I went with their basic design, which had pretty limited layouts, but the layouts were nice and graphically pleasing.  I also really like the date on the spine - looks nice in the bookcase.

FYI, I designed a square image on photoshop especially as a cover image, and dropped it on as a jpeg. I've also popped on a screen shot of the book in progress. 

The kids still enjoy looking through this book three months later - they like looking at themselves and their cousins through the months of 2011 - I place them in chronological order starting with the new year and ending with Christmas.
So I'm sharing my last book, just in case you have a holiday to document, or want to start thinking about a present for a grandparent, maybe?


  1. Thank you!!! Way to I don't know who to choose. Blurb, Viovio or iPhoto???? HEELLLPPP!!!!!

  2. Thank you!!! Way to I don't know who to choose. Blurb, Viovio or iPhoto???? HEELLLPPP!!!!!

  3. Nicole, this book is gorgeous! love love love the cover, and the clean lines of the rest of it. very inspiring.

  4. Lovely book! These really are a fabulous idea. They make great presents, but it's also really lovely to have one to remind you of a great holiday or other event. I made one from our Summer holiday - and a short break at the end of the summer; it's so lovely to have it sitting there. I really like to pick it up every now and then, to flip through.
    I agree with you Nicole, it's a great idea.
    And your book is just gorgeous!

  5. The book looks great Nicole - I have not done a lot of scrapbooking lately but will definately enjoy doing this.

    Thank you for the idea

    Cheryl B

  6. Nicole, I love your book. I've just ordered a couple of books through which were super easy and I can't wait to see what they are like when they turn up. Prices were good, postage was a killer from the USA (almost the cost of the book) however they had a massage 60% off so I jumped at the chance to try this company. I love the little 8x8 books which is what I've ordered this time. Only thing I wasn't fussed on is you could only add extra pages at the end of the book so if you wanted to squeeze another page in the middle you couldn't

  7. Hi Kathy, That must have been frustrating - You can add pages later to any part of the book with blurb - thank goodness, because I like to have them in chronological order, and I always find later photos/pages to pop in. And postage from USA was only $10, which is only $1.05 more than snapfish in Aust. Hope you love your books - I'm sure you will!


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