Wednesday, March 21, 2012

he wanted a cow cake

its a lovely drizzly rainy day up here in the north. I love rain. And finally a NEW page for you. A quick digi one that I plan to print, add a number 4 thicker to that empty space, stick the whole lot on some cardstock and call it done. Love it.

4hoping to whip up a few more of these quick digital pages soon, to fill some gaps (of course thanks to CZ for her great templates!)

That's it for today folks....


  1. I love your paper choices Sharon and I have never plonked an animal on top of a cake ... don't have much imagination do I?! It's a good idea that I must rememebr!

  2. SO CUTE!! Love that his wishes were simple! Love that he just wanted a 'cow cake'. And love that you obliged!

  3. Love your solution to a 'cow cake'!
    Alison xx

  4. What a beautiful photo collage! How sweet to ask for a cow cake.


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