Thursday, March 22, 2012

project Life

I must confess I am a bit slack on the scrapping at the moment. You see I have a problem... name is Diane ...and I am addicted to...Instagram!!! I need to get my Insta-fix several times  day. I can't get through the day with-out up-loading a photo or checking out my friends :)
Now don't laugh...its true!!! See...

Yesterday my friend and I saved this ducky family...

and I bought a new handbag.

Wednesday we  had hot chocolates at the local cafe while Dani braided hair...

and I picked flowers from my garden...

And Sunday we went for a family jog around the local oval.

All this snapped on my easy and so much fun. Memories recorded. When you upload a photo text can be added to the post. I have also just discovered you can create an online gallery and there are lots of fantastic printing options starting to appear. I love this idea. Have you discovered Instagram yet??

The other thing keeping me from "traditional" scrapping in Project Life. It is quick and simple and I am loving it too. Here are just a few pages from my album.

Sorry they are not super clear. I am terrible at photographing this in page protectors.
I am using the Becky Higgins kit plus lots of other bits and pieces I am finding online as well as some of my stash. I won't list where everything comes from but if you want to know please just eave a comment and I will let you know.

And finally ...the winner of Melissa'a give away is...

Congratulations. Could you please leave your email address in the comment section so I can pass your details onto Melissa.



  1. Oh, I loved Elise Blaha's Instagram book ... you are still scrapping, just finding a different way! I'd love to see a book made similarly to hers - you'll end up with enough shots at the rate you are going!

  2. diane this is brilliant, love the instagram shots (is that a new scarf with your handbag? why is it buying such superficial things give such pleasure?!) and PL, which you are doing so well at keeping up with!

    you could also do an instagram PL?!

  3. What a wonderful way to document the fleeting moments of every day life? Who makes those great page protectors?

  4. Of course, that first sentence was supposed to end with an exclamation point and not a question mark...

  5. yes is a new scarf...cant wait to wear it, it is so soft :)

    Thanks Brittany...the page protectors are from Becky Higgins...

  6. Love it all, but what do you mean when you say 'upload a photo' - do you mean upload to iphoto? or upload to Facebook? Sorry, I haven't got onto instagram and hipstamatic and am just trying to learn about it all. I am so technically behind, and my iphone so isn't being used well enough!! I LOVE the instagram photobook concept. Could be a great 365 project, esp if you add some text! Might go download the instagram app right now....if I can figure out how - I always get the 12 yr old to do that kind of thing!


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