Friday, March 23, 2012

scrappin' holiday pics!

Hi all!

I haven't done much scrapping lately, but I did did scrap an event recently that I thought I would share with you.

Each year we go on an annual family holiday down the coast (with 4 other families) and each year I wonder what in the world I am going to do with all the photos. I really haven't got it in me to scrap them individually, and in previous years I have made a mini-album, and also put all the photos in a collage across a double page, which was okay, but left no room to journal.

So this year, using my Cathy Zielske digi templates found here, I chose a template that some room for journaling (not a huge amount, but enough), as well as room for quite a few piccy's.  This is my middle girls pages - a 3 page, so one will go over the page in her album (don't care!) and many of the photos revolve around her.  I got middle girl to help me with the journaling. I chose the photos and then asked her to give me a sentence or two about each one, so most of the journaling was in her words. (I did the same with my other girls' pages).

I don't love digi templates for everything, and they don't do it for me as much as normal scrapping, but they do have their place - they are quick and easy and great for events, where there are lots of pics.  These are 8x10 prints, mounted on 8.5x11 black cardstock. You can get a clearer view if you double click on an image.  The original templates cater for 6 small vertical/portrait orientated photos. As I had some landscape pics in my collection, I altered some of the photo blocks on page 2 and 3 to work for me. Just remember to 'save as', as a seperate file, so you can always keep the original file saved as it originally was! Sometimes I forget....:(

My photos of the layouts are a bit washed out - the journaling blocks are a nice warm cream colour in real life. See the photo of the two kids holding hands in the waves in the middle page? We get that exact same photo every year, so you might think you've seen it before if you've seen my past holiday pages!
Off to tackle my laundry - have a good weekend everyone!!



  1. brilliant as ever Nic, and I love that the same holiday is documented every year - I think it will be great to look back and compare the pages and how much things have changed, or not, for each holiday (we go to mission beach similarily, but so far its only been every second year...I wish we could do it every year as well!)

  2. I know exactly what you mean about feeling as though you are scrapping the same things over and over ... we go to the same places each year, family places, so I have a LOT of similar photos. But, it is good to see how the children grow and how they interact with new cousins who have arrived, all with the same backdrops.

  3. Oh...I have so many of these I need to do...bring on Winter lol


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