Wednesday, October 19, 2011


which is what we are all about, isn't it. Whether it be a recent memory, or from ones childhood. 

A recent email conversation with Amy, about our respective grandmothers, prompted Amy to tell me to make a page about my recollections of my maternal grandmother. She passed away at age 93, around 7 years ago. We've visited her home on a few occasions since then, and one thing I know - remember my grandmother is remembering her home and where she lived at the same time. One memory belongs to the other, if you know what I mean. During my childhood the only holidays we took were to visit my grandmothers place (except for one not so memorable visit to Brisbane in 1988, for the Expo, which resulted in me being very ill!) and we spent many an hour playing in the creek below her house, with my cousin leading the pack of bush kids into all sorts of mischief.

granma on 8point5 canvasIts not until I was much older that I realised how lucky we were to have a grandmother living in the Port Douglas (Tropical Far North Queensland) hinterland! On the side of a hill in river valley, she lived in the same house all of her married life. She had a slightly wicked sense of humour, and I suspect not only her looks have been passed along to my second daughter, who she never got to meet.

I have plans of putting all of the old and not so old photos of my grandmother in album one day - I have the album AND the papers already! and some of the photos scanned, as well as ones I've taken myself of the Lino (so very retro) and that clanky, (so very vintage!)  bridge near her house. One of those "one day" tasks!

What memories of your own childhood and grandparents do you recall? How have you recorded them?


  1. I love the colour pallette you have chosen for this layout Sharon ... I should 'tell' you to do things more often I think!
    And, yes, having grandparents in PD is rather special, us southerners think that part of the world is fantastic!

  2. Beautifully simple, and it will be a lovely project when you're done. There is clearly a vibrant woman here whose life needs celebrating!

  3. thank you girls! I didn't put in the post, but her colour was pale powder blue (her dresses were invariably that colour) and her blue eyes have been passed down to all three of our kids (whose parents have green eyes!)

  4. Sharon, she looks a lovely woman. Strong. And I'm sure I can see a resemblance between you and her (though I don't usually go into that much). Your memories sound lovely. I had an amazing grandmother (Jessie) who died before any of my children were born. I would have so loved her to know them and them her. They would have loved her as much as I did. She always had a bottle of lemonade in the fridge for us kids, and would send us home with a block of Cadbury Snack chocolate. Remember Snack chocolate ... little cubes of pineapple, orange, strawberry, turkish delight, caramel flavours inside the chocolate. I don't think I've ever eaten it since, but loved it when Grandma gave it to me.
    [Thanks for the little trip down memory lane].


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