Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Same Day ...

Different photo. This is a photo taken on the same day as my paraglider layout from last week. What is it with kids and water? It was a sunny day but it was barely 20C, in my book that is not surf swimming weather!

You would be correct in thinking you had seen this template before, it is one I made when I scraplifted Emma a little while ago - I love this design!



  1. brilliant as usual, and yes what is it with kids wanting to swim in frigid temperatures?

  2. I love the design but the colors you've chosen and the wave like swirl really make it..along with thegreat photo

  3. Love it Di...beautiful colours! It looks great as an 8.5x11!!

  4. Great design - will lift soon...

  5. My youngest will go in the water whatever the weather! Due to the cold nature of the sea here in blighty we have all invested in wet suits which does help! Love that page - the blues are so serene!
    PS - thanks for your comment re the hoops - don't think paper would work but have seem some used as pin boards - fabric hooped up and then paper pin on!


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