Friday, October 21, 2011

a quick lift-a-page challenge for you

Well, its my day again and I have to say it snuck up on me, and caught me somewhat unprepared. With a quick bit of thought, I decided to lift one of my favourite pages, done quite some time ago. As I challenge you to do as well.
Here is my original page (which I suspect was probably inspired at some stage by Nicole, however was done so long ago I cannot remember for sure!). This same chubby bubby is now 7 and not so chubby. Still has a penchant for mud, and covering her little brother in it as well. A traditional paper and cardstock page.
mud face page Amy, ever the gold star student of challenges ;-) was quick to take up the challenge and produced this little number in no time at all (and hey, that looks like digi bazzill cardstock there Amy!) Amy flipped the design over, I love it.
dinner dissection copyAnd here is my refreshed take on my own layout. Digi this time, as I can't actually use or get to my scrap desk at the moment. Long story. Well, not so much, but its boring and you don't really want to know.
my dadNow I realise that this doesn't have a title, and I sort of like it like that...perhaps when I print it I might add in some thickers or something. I seem to be doing a lot of pages on the boy lately, but I guess he is a pretty rich source of content at the moment, being home by himself with me, before he goes to school next year.
Now you know the drill, you are welcome to play along, just linky up down below (when one of the other SAG girls who knows how to put the linky thing in) and leave a comment so we know to come visit your blog! Or of course, there is the Flickr pool too, again leave a comment, if there is no email to let us know we won't ever get to see your contribution!
Might even do a show and tell if enough join in. Hope you like this super simple page, which is really open to interpretation.
Thanks for popping by


  1. Love this layout...sorry I didnt get time to do one. Will aim to do it on the weekend & will link it up! Love the different takes on the original!!

  2. Sharon, you know that I aim to please all challenge task setters! ;-)

    I love both of your layouts, the photography in both is fantastic and the brown is extremely striking!


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