Sunday, October 23, 2011

cousin fun

Hi all - sorry I've been so quiet lately - there's been a lot going on around here! But I have returned to blog land to post this layout today called 'cousin fun'. My girls are the two big ones and little one in the middle is their baby cousin who gives us all endless fun and makes us all smile!

I went back to the old blocking thing that I used to do all the time but haven't done for ages. It was nice to return there.  First I just printed the title and the journaling on a plain piece on white cardstock, somewhere on the bottom half half, then I simply stuck on the 4x6 photo and stuck blocks of colour all around. The heart stamp is by 'stampin' up'.

See you later,

Nicole x


  1. Nicole, you have such a great eye for spacing, and matching the print colour to your cardstock! (how do you do that, do you have the # of the bazzill or just wing it?)

  2. Nicole, this layout shows a really effective way to combine several patterned papers, I find that really difficult, but when there is space and plains between the patterns it works well!

  3. Hey Sharon, after years of scrap booking and saving my off cuts and cardstock scraps in colour coded big clear envelopes, I have lots of scraps! Basically, I print first, and wing it. I know I want something greenish bluish, so just choose something that looks 'about right' on screen. Then once it's printed I head to my envelope of scraps and try to match it approximately. I probably would have preferred this title print a touch more blue and less greeny, but I just go with whatever happens. I use my scraps mostly,not full cardstock sheets, because you can see on this layout, they are only small scraps of colour.

  4. Stunning photo and perfectly placed. I love your colour blocked look - just wonderful.

  5. I love how you taught me to wing it. When I was starting out I was so painful with matching colors, but you taught me to lighten up a bit and it has a much more organic effect. I so miss scrapping, really need to scrap soon!


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