Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Week That Was ...

It has been one of those weeks over here at SAG, we've all had more going on than what we know what to do with!
Here's a quick page though, it's digital and uses Echo Park products and a Cathy Zielske template ... hey, what's new?!

What we'd love to know though is, what are your best tips for combining a busy life and your favourite hobby ... just how can we manage it all ... including world domination of course! That's a joke, the last bit about world domination ... the rest, well, we are yet to figure it out ... care to share?



  1. she looks like bat girl....

    and as for the fitting it all in? I betcha if I spent a little less time on the www, I would have heaps more time, but that is not much fun...right now though, I have no answers, at all.

  2. love the bright colours you have used in this LO.

    Less sleep...thats the only way I know to fit it all in :)

  3. I think it's a matter of adjusting your expectations - I've given up my A-type need for control and perfection. Oh yeah, can you believe it, I used to be all A-type perfectionist! LOVE the layout :)

  4. Brilliant LO - not seen one of those masks before - is it a type of cooling gel mask? Or am I completely off the wall? I am constantly re-evaluating how to combine things myself!

  5. Jaki, I have no intention of giving up my precious sleep ... well, not yet anyaway!
    Lee, yes, I think you are right!
    Alexa the mask is a gel/cooling type thing - I can't rememeber where it came from and I never use it ... but the little one loves it!


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