Wednesday, August 31, 2011

in a hurry as well

if its not one thing its another...just when you are preparing yourself for some very busy and hectic not-at-home-much times, you get thrown a curve ball and have to take your just turned seven year old daughter for a four hour journey to the city for x-rays and what not at the Fracture Clinic....But looking at the silver lining, I have a bit of time before the inevitable time in the clinic waiting room to do some SHOPPING! ;-)

Anyhow, before I dash off to the city, here is a layout I prepared earlier!

IMG_9261 The design might even look a bit familiar...I used the same template (thanks CZ) that my news layout was made from, for Friday's news challenge. Love this template, I think I will be using it lots more. In this case, I did a truly hybrid page, I printed the title, border and text, and then cropped my 4x6 photo and added some patterned paper. I love how it turned out.

IMG_9262And yes, its this very child that is going on a little road trip with her mum. She is excited (whether its the trip, or the prospect of loosing the backslab (aka half cast) I am not sure. I can tell you, I am as hopeful as she is about the cast - I want the extra slave happy running about outdoors child back, thank you. Crutches have really ground her to a halt  - and the other two kids aren't overly pleased about having to shoulder the extra work load either! ie less bodies to share the dog/cat/chook feeding!)

Hooroo! thanks for dropping by....



  1. Hope she gets the cast off! Great LO...very inventive way of waking her sister!!
    Alison xx

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  4. It's just lovely - the papers work so well with that pretty young lady's photo, and a great story! I wonder if she'll still be the same when she;'s a teenager ... :)

  5. haha, funny that could only come from a country child. I'm with Kate, though, I'd be a bit grumpy too!! I love the gorgeous photo an the pp's work great. Esp love that bottom one.

  6. Fantastic paper choices Sharon - only outshone by that great story!

  7. Love everything about this xxx


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