Sunday, September 4, 2011

soccer pages

For anyone whose kids play soccer, you have probably recently come to the end of the season (if you live in Australia, that is!). Time to scrap the season that was. Of course, I forget to bring my camera until the very last game, and both my girls happen to land in the goalie position for one half of their games. So I decided to scrap the photos that I took (which I do love), and talk about their opposite takes on having to be in that position. The pages are virtually the same, but the journaling shows how different the kids are. We are turning into bit of a soccer family actually, and I really do enjoy watching them play of a Saturday morning. I will be doing some more soccer pages soon, that include more action shots taken in the second halves, when they were running around.

Now I have some questions for you. Nothing thrilling or life changing, just some basic little questions.

1. What is your favourite cardstock colour, apart from white?
2. Other than 4x6 what size photo do you like to scrap.
3. Do you do/like mini albums?
4. How many full scrapbook albums do you have?
5. Do you like to scrap alone or with other people?
6. In an ideal world, how many pages would you like to scrap per week, month or year?

Here's my answers, please leave yours in the comments tab below.
1. Kraft, Rain (teal blue).
2. 6"x8"  and I like to use small half size photos (2"x3")
3. Umm..not really. I love the idea, but don't do them, and the two I have ever done never get looked at like the normal albums do. 
4. Thirty one. Oops.
5. I like the social side of scrapbooking with others, but I need to be very organised and bring journaling pre-printed, and cardstock and designs already planned so that I can just assemble when I'm with friends. I definitely can't think and talk at the same time, so I need to have pre-thought. I get most of my pages achieved alone, but I do love a scrap get together.
6. I think I would like to ideally do about 3 pages per month. Maybe 4. 

Nicole x


  1. 1. Kraft, Pink (particularly pastel at the moment)
    2. 5x7 or lots of mini pictures
    3. I love mini albums. I love the idea of creating your own keepsake and think they are great for gifts.
    4. Only 1 (and a half!!). I dont scrap half as much I would like.
    5. I scrap on my own as I dont know of anyone locally that does it. I would love to scrap in a crop but any I have seen so far involve travelling to Dublin or Galway...a bit far for me at the moment. However, I am enjoying getting more involved in the online world and am happy to get inspiration here.
    6. I would love to scrap at least 2 a week, more because I have so many photos and loads of notebooks with ideas ready to go lol

    PS, Love the LOs and the idea of 2 different perspectives. Also, its mad how ur soccer seasons ending and ours is just beginning. :)

  2. Yep soccer season just finished here too, my son has played the last 2 years (under 6s and under 7s) so we haven't had to deal with the goalie situation yet.

    ok, my answers...
    1. my fav colour is kraft...then any other neutral colour
    2. I think my fav size to scrap is actually 4x3 inch, and then 4x6...most of my LOs are multi photo.
    3. I don't really do mini albums...I have helped the kids make minis with fav holiday photos, and have done a couple as gifts for my MIL but I don't do them for myself.
    4. 9 full albums, and 3 on the go.
    5. I prefer to scrap on my own but I do go to 2 weekend retreats a year with friends and love it...and surprisingly get alot done.
    6. I would be happy to create 1 or 2 pages each week...sometimes it happens, mostly it doesn't.

  3. Love the soccer pages!

    1.Kraft and Whirlpool
    2.Love the little pictures, in particular little squares 3x3
    3. I love the idea of mini albums and have done a few. Would like to do more, but there is never the time!
    4. 7 full albums if you count my design your life album and my A-Z album
    5. I do both, but get more done when I scrap with friends as I'm forced to sit and scrap rather than find other things around the house to do or have kids interupt!!
    6. I'd love to get a few done a week as I have so many photos to scrap. Maybe it evens out to that as I'll have some weeks where I'll get 4 or 5 done and others where I get none done!!

    Love the questions Nicole...can't wait to see how everyone replies!

  4. 1. Black, I love how it makes a page *pop*
    2. 3 x 5 mostly
    3. Not such a fan and I have never made one :/
    4. I am on #20 and they hold 20 pages each
    5. I prefer alone or we talk too much and get nothing done
    6. I would love to scrap a couple times a week, but in reality last month I scapped 1x :(

    Great questions, Nicole!

  5. 1. Kraft!
    2. I use a lot of 2x3 and wallet-sized photos.
    3. I love making mini albums, and I actually added "make more minis" to my scrappy bucket list recently!
    4. I think I'm at 11, with another half full. Plus minis. I've been scrapping for 10 years now.
    5. Alone. It helps me focus.
    6. In an ideal world, I'd love to do 20 layouts a week. I did this a couple weeks in a row this year, and I felt like I was accomplishing so much!

  6. hmm, good questions.
    1. kraft & brown? although I am not biased about using colour when needed or I feel like it!
    2. 4x6 or 8x10 digitally created collage
    3. Not really, but I've made three and given them away (one each for the grandma's, and another assembly wedding anniversary wishes and photos for a lovely couple who are dear to us)
    4 five full full ones, about four not full, but these are BIG binders!
    5. mostly by myself, on a rare occassion with my SIL. I am not productive around other people!
    6. Ideally? a page or more a week, but its feast or famine around here...

  7. 1. Kraft, Nightmist, Ivy and various other greens and blues, oh, and Paprika is one I like too - and a red one that I cannot for the life of me remember ... no, it is not called red!

    2. 5x7 or 8x10

    3. I often use a 4x6 or 5x7 photo album as a mini - usually for scrapping a holiday.

    4. Five full albums.

    5. If I want to get pages done I prefer to scrap on my own, but, scrapping with friends is fun.

    6. I like to get a couple of pages done a week - but it tends to be a bit of a feast or famine, I can make 10 one week and then not scrap for the rest of the month.

  8. 1. cream or other neutral - never a pattern
    2. 2x2,3x4 when paper scrapping - in digi anything goes
    3. love mini albums and often make them as gifts
    4 7
    5 On my own
    6 at least once a week

  9. super simple the pics :)
    1. kraft, whirlpool blue oh and a dozen more
    2. 6x8 and half 6x4's
    3. yep...for the fun of it
    4. um...well...maybe over 40 ...ops
    5. Both...but I think I am a pest when I scrap with Nicole...I may distract her ...sorry nic xx
    6. A page a day maybe but realise that would be a nightmare for the kids one day :)


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