Friday, September 30, 2011


nope not skirts....I have long given up on those ...sigh!!
So today I thought I would share a few really simple minis I have made. I love all the super creative mini albums I see on blogs I visit but to be honest I have never really made a super creative one. I would love to but just can't find the time. I have soooooo many photo and stories to tell before I can play.

My mini's are in actual fact themed albums. I like 6x6 and 8x8 sizes for this. I tend to follow Cathy Z's lead and create my smaller albums with a simple and basic colour scheme. And I find they are a great place for photos that I love but don't have a big story to go with them.

This mini I created a few years ago with a Ali Edwards kit and is just a year of my favourite photos of the girls.

It is a 6x6 album, the same as the American crafts one. There is some simple hand journalling and not much else.

The next is an 8x8 album of again my favourite photos but with a simple colour scheme.

This is based on a CZ album. I love that I just chose 2 sheets of pattern paper and some colours, cut it up and stuck t in with the photos. I printed them as 6x8 the cropped them to 6x6. I made them all b&w so the colours didn't clash but I'm not sure i'd do that again.

And finally ... in 2008 Nicole and I and lots of others did a slightly different take on the 'photo a day' idea. We called it "52 Weeks".

It is simple 1 photo a week, with a week of journalling. I really like this , Maddy pulled it out just the other day and started reading it. She loved looking back. And isn't that what we all love most about what we do :)

Have you got a good idea for a mini? If so please share it in the comments with a link if possible. I think I need to get back and do some more like these. Actually I have one in the planning stages right now... I will share it soon.

For you Aussie girls...enjoy the long weekend and thanks for stopping by



  1. love it, and the 52 weeks album is one of my favourites, even if I did let the journalling lapse - the photos alone are enough to jog or prompt a memory.

  2. I'm doing a 52Photos project this year and sometimes let the photos sneak up on me, but I am loving the stories I am telling, and capturing, each week on my blog. Don't know how I'll collect these into a mini yet, but I wil!

  3. Thanks for filling in Di! Love this post. love your mini's!!

  4. I love this!! A good idea for a next creation!

  5. I love this style of mini album too.
    I find them less fussy and more manageable.

  6. Can you tell me how you made the two-ring binder book? What size is it? Did you buy it at a craft store?


  7. Great ideas! I was looking for something simple :). Where did you get the journaling paper for your 52 weeks album?

    1. thanks for popping in... she made it up in MS Word from memory with the line tool. However these days there is a plethora of digital lined paper (see Becky Higgins for example!) that one could use. I'm quite fond of the gridded paper.


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