Thursday, September 29, 2011

Summer Collage

Sorry its a bit late in the day for my post, but at least I didn't forget altogether like I did a week or two ago!

This is a very quick collage layout that I created myself in photoshop...nothing more simple than a bunch of the same size squares! These were just random photos from last summer that I liked, none really had much of a story to them other than we were at the beach or swimming which we do almost every weekend, so there are only so many layouts you can do each season! But these pictures missed the cut for a full layout, but were too good to miss out on being shown at all! So I dumped them all into this easy collage layout and did a fancy font for the heading and there you have it, one very simple and easy layout. It is very rare for me to do no journalling at all on a layout and it feels a bit weird looking at this one without journalling, but I'm ok with it I think, although wouldn't do it often!


  1. I like it! sometimes you don't HAVE to say much, I am a fan of summary layouts too.

  2. It captures the summery feeling so well - I like it just as it is, clean and crisp.

  3. love it...did you print it at home?

  4. I think this style suits no journalling, almost like it is a pictorial overview of the summer that was :)


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