Wednesday, August 10, 2011

why I like to do my pages in one sitting

I am not a person that likes to draw a project out, I like to do my pages in one sitting, one block of time. I do NOT like a layout that becomes prolonged, my interest in completing it wanes and I am mentally ready to move on. This can be said for pretty much any project I undertake - I can't get it done quickly, I lose interest!
This page, I had pretty much ready to stick down, when my printer chucked a wobbly. I had decided to print the photos I wanted at home...finally, I got a new printer, printed the photos and put the page together, using a CZ template. But my train of thought, my ideas I'd had at the time were gone...and so, this page annoys me. It follows the template but the finishing touches, the little "ah!" bits, didn't come to me. But again, its a page done, story told, moving on, even if it annoys me to look at the page!
And my apologies for slightly crooked page, Nic take a deeeep breath, I am not sure how to straighten it up.
Lots of white space on this mage....but no TRAPPED space! you might notice that the text is a bit close to the photo, but that would be me not thinking and sticking stuff down before realising...
IMG_9194and trying to use up these cheap and cheerful thickers, that I bought heaps of at the $2 shop.
IMG_9193Enough from me...following on from Amy's question yesterday: do you have a page that annoys you or bothers you, for whatever reason?  Do tell!



  1. Iam exactly the same when it comes to making pages - I have to complete it in the one sitting and I have never been the sort to return and rework a page ... perhaps to my detriment!
    I love the colour paltette you have worked with today Sharon!

  2. Great photos!!! Deep breathe taken - how you fix it, is send it to me and I'll straighten it and email it straight back! LOL (or get yourself iphoto). :) Cool page though!

  3. Oh and I can definitely never take two sittings on anything really, including layouts and paintings! Totally lose interest!

  4. I love hearing how you guys like to complete a page in one sitting and I am so totally hearing you and wish that I could BUT I often don't for various reasons including I scrap at silly times and get interrupted, I have a space to leave things out so I can come and go, and now I'm approaching 40 I don't seem to be able to stay up late and finish things like I used to! I do however, write down stories as they come to me otherwise they are gone.

    And I do have pages where there are elements that annoy me but Nicole has taught me to not dwell (Oh boy was I a dweller) move on and usually I learn from it and move right on to making a different sort of error that annoys me. But that's the creative process and like you said-the story is down, and to me that's the most important thing. I really like the spot thing happening at the moment!

  5. I like to get my pages done in one sitting too...and often stay up far too late to make sure I do so! Love the LO
    Alison xx

  6. A lovely bright and sunny page! I almost never manage to finish a page at one sitting - I just don't get long enough. So I do mine in small chunks, but that suits me because I'll be musing inbetween and often find when I go back to the page, I see a solution for whatever has been bothering me. But yes, I do have pages which irritate me - and I will now go back and work out why!


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