Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two ...

Last week when Nicole posted a layout about playgroup, I thought I'd post one of those too. I actually have many pages made about our time in playgroup but I chose this one for a couple of reasons. It's a paper page and I don't do many of those any more, and it is based on a layout/sketch from Nicole from quite a few years ago. It sort of fits as we've been talking about learning and what a great teacher Nicole is. Geographically I am too far away from Nicole to have ever been an 'in real life' student, but I certainly studied her pages and tried very hard to mimic her elements and principles.

What I notice about this page is that my text area is too squished against the photo so the margins around the text are uneven, it is one of those pages where it doesn't feel quite right and it is one of those pages where I learnt how to sort out those text spacing issues. But, I am happy with the paper and cardstock choices and I was thrilled no end that I managed to add some form of embellishment! Of course, it is the story which brings the biggest smile to my face - it was one of those years where we had kids in our playgroup with severe allergies and I really struggled with what to bring in for a birthday celebration ... I am glad I have this down on paper because I don't think I would have remembered otherwise.

Do you have pages in your album where you know you have learnt a new design element? Let us know, we'd love to hear, and even better, leave a link and we can visit and see for ourselves!



  1. ahem, a few where I think "what WAS I thinking?!"

    not sure that they need to be shared...a bit like 80's fashion choices...

  2. I would've thought that text was placed purposely so that the bottom margin of the page mirrored the top margin (that pale green strip). So are you sure it was a mistake???

    I could show you a few pages of late-90's sticker sneeze...


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