Monday, August 8, 2011


A simple layout from me today. One that pays tribute to my Mothers amazing knitting skills.

I have used a Cathy Z template...again :) I am not a big fan of home printing and I am lucky to have a great developer close by. Actually 2 minutes from where the girls attend dancing so its quick and easy and cheaper to pop in there than print at home.
In this layout I deleted the photo from the page in PSE and printed the rest on cardstock then added the photo from the developer. I guess it looks the same here but in real life there is just a bit more dimension that a pure digi layout.

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PS. The squares at the top should have gone to the edge. I printed the page twice and couldn't get it to work. Any tips? Thanks xx


  1. love the cardstock squares, and yes it adds that perfect touch of dimension...I don't like printing at home either, but when the mood strikes and HN is four hours away, I just gotta suck it up.

    brilliant page Di.

  2. So love this - beautiful. I to like to add the photo as a separate dimension. What a nice layout.

  3. It is a great idea to add dimension very simply to a page, I think this is such a beautiful picture, and you have colour matched the papers so well!

  4. Is the gap at the top something to do with the default margins imposed by your printer?
    Good grief that made me sound like I know what I am talking about, better not do that too often!
    I love the picture, it so reminded me of my Mum.

  5. So lovely - and I admire your soft treatment of the colours; those squares along the top are just perfect. I always find photos of older hands very moving ...

  6. Love it...what a great memory!


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