Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Title Page

Creativity is an interesting thing, I find it ebbs and flows here in my part of the world, directly connected to how crazy life is, how much sleep I am getting (or not) and how high the washing pile is. How much mental energy I have left over, and how much I need a break from it all.

Right now I am in one of those ebbs, the sickness and other things keeping me busy over the past week contributing to that. Sometimes its hard to break out of that ebb, and one has to make a real effort to get one's mind back into a more creative place. Doing so does have a positive flow on effect, but it just takes that first step to get there.

So, you may have gathered from that there hasn't been an outpouring of creativity of any sort from my desk (other than accounting, which a whole other story ;-) but rather than leave you hanging, thought I would share this title page with you. Nothing stellar, but I so wanted to use these cute little drawings that my daughter did in a little notebook. I'm not usually one for tilting ANYTHING, but sometimes it seems to be the only thing that works!

IMG_9156 A quick and simple page to whip up, and the title page to middle child's album done.

Stay tuned for Emma's layout tomorrow, and on Friday the first of our new schedule, a tutorial/challenge from Nicole!


  1. I have not done title pages before, Sharon this is just fantastic, I really love how it comes together and it is a great keepsake of said child!

  2. How clever Sharon! Love it! I totally know what you mean about lack of creativity. When life is so busy, its hard at times to come up with anything.

  3. Really different, I love it, I'm also a non-tilter but the the tilting really works!

  4. Awesome title page. I have several empty title pages that I now know how I will fill.
    Even have a drawing in mind for one of my daughters, it has been on the fridge for 2 years or so and I couldn't part with it.
    Now thanks to you I don't have too.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Cute cute cute - I love it - you know what I'm like about scrapping original artwork!


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