Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emma's Scrap Space/Clutter!

So first I have to admit, I tidied up to take the photos. My office/scrap space is usually a mess. It can be because its downstairs from our main living area, in a room just off the rumpus room. Generally its only kids downstairs, so no one really sees it. I have to admit though, it has a nice feeling when its tidy. It still has lots of clutter, but for now I am justifying that because this room is used for several things. I run two businesses from here as well as scrap. Plus it has a bed on the wall behind the desk for guests. I didn't take a photo of the bed because its kind of piled with stuff!

I would love to move my office upstairs. There is one bedroom upstairs that is currently Ella's room. Its a bit small for a bedroom and its in the middle of the hallway so anyone coming into our house has to walk past it. I would love for it to be my office...its more in the middle of everything that is going on. But none of the kids are brave enough to move downstairs yet. Even though I plead with them and point out my current office is a much bigger room! One day they will all be fighting over the downstairs room, I'm sure!

So onto the office. My husband built the desk for me. I have a desktop computer (used for my wedding video editing) and a laptop which I use for everything else. I also have a little TV near the window which I love. My dad was getting rid of it, so I put my hand up quickly for it!

Below is a picture of the other angle!

Yes I know I have lots of stuff piled everywhere! Even though its a biggish room, I still struggle for space. If I ever move upstairs, I will plan storage etc much better. Keep in mind I have lots of stuff because I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. A lot of this I use for my cardmaking.

Below is a my old bookcase from my bedroom in my parents house when I was younger!!! Its had a long run and still serves a purpose. it holds some of my albums, my A4 cardstock, magazines, ribbons mini albums and photos (as well as some junk!).

Then I have my pride and joy in storage, my punch rack. These racks are towel racks bought from Ikea for the huge amount of $3 each and I just love them! The little basket hanging on the bottom one is also from Ikea, again only a few dollars and this holds the smaller punches and my crop-a-dile.

Then my other awesome piece of storage is my ink caddy. I know most of you won't have much ink to even store, but I do use ink on my cards. The caddy is sold through Stampin' Up! and it spins around so you can get to the different sides.

The other thing I  have a lot of is stamps. So far I haven't come up with a great solution for these. So they are stored in a box under a chair to the side of my desk. It works for now, but one of these days I'll come up with something better!

So what I haven't shown you is my paper storage and that is because I don't have a great system. I have one of those big scrapping trolley bags and my cardstock lives in there. Well there is a pile that doesn't fit in the bag and that is sitting on the end of the desk that you can see in the first few photos! I was going to get shelves built under my desk so I could have the cardstock there, sorted into colour groups. I have mentioned to my hubby several times about the shelves, but so far to no avail! I also store my scrap bits of cardstock in ziplock bags in the trolley as well. It works for now!

Well that is my slightly cluttered, but functional space. I like having my own area, I'd prefer it to be closer to the action so to speak, but its fine for now. I can't wait though to move upstairs at some point in the next 10 years!!!

I also have a 12x12 box that stores all my patterned paper and believe me I have a lot of it!!


  1. its works, and you know where everything the desk! and I have to say, yours looks better than mine!
    (and you know how I agree with you on being closer to the action...with closeable doors seeing as I seem to be a messy person :-)

  2. Emma you have some great storage ideas and as long as the space works for you then it is fully functional if you ask me! I am rather envious of your dedicated space and how much fun would all those stamps be!

  3. oooh, I am loving that punch rack, and holy shamoly you have a LOT of punches!! Just as well you're a stampin up demonstrator!


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