Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my scrap space - its not pretty, but its functional

I am lucky enough to have a scrap room, well not a whole room, but a dedicated desk and scrapping area within our office room. Which, if I were feeling posh, I could call a "detached studio" at the back of our old Queenslander house. (in actual fact, its a demountable building that is built into our back patio in such a way that it doesn't really LOOK like a demountable... Well I think so anyhow!)

In this building is our office, and a small spare room/storage space. I bought some old school tables for $10 each years ago, and those two tables form my scrap and sewing space along one wall (across the narrow room, from my computer desk and printers)

One thing though: unlike Nicole or Amy, who have to clean up when they're done - I don't...and that means it can get messy, and STAY messy, and I don't purge or toss as often as I should (ie not recently that is for sure!)

IMG_9160 I raided my mum's "cottage" for this old unused and sturdy book case that I knew was there. It pretty much fits perfectly across the desk, and as you can see it houses quite a bit of stuff. And junk at the very top.

IMG_9161Beside this is an old science trolley they were throwing out at school. I store patterned paper in the narrow drawers and other stuff in the deeper ones...if I gave it a good clean out I think they would be fairly empty. The same with the shelf on it, I don't use half of the stuff, and if I purged a heap of it, it would probably all fit in those deeper drawers on the trolley (which, despite its name, does not move). Feel free to ignore those power cables coiled up there, they are for something electrical that has to be done, but they've been there so long I've forgotten what for.

IMG_9162another little storage thing, here because I haven't bothered to unpack it and make stuff fit in the big trolley. it rolls neatly under the desk when I don't need it.

IMG_9163    IMG_9164



Some sturdy boxes from the discount shop - in which I stuff birthday cards and other stuff - like wedding invites (into the family box) things I don't want to scrap but want to keep. Quite a few years worth is in each box - let me put it this way - they are still on the same box (although don't think their baby cards are in there, stored elsewhere with some other baby keepsakes) I LOVE these boxes, and also have the larger A4 sized ones over on my office desk for various paperwork (we run a small business, as well as our grazing property).

So there you have it, my messy bit of space. Its getting close to needing a overhaul and a good tossing out (well not OUT, but re-purposing and passing along) and cleaning up, to better use the space, as the way I scrap and create changes.

Thanks for looking! To see more of my office - and its green wall ;-) go HERE.  I should put some effort in with a paint brush on my scrap trolley and bookcase (perhaps not green, white!) to make the other side of the room look a bit more...less second hand!



  1. I love that you have recycled things for your storage! I also love that I am not the only one with lots of "stuff". Really like seeing everyone's spaces!

  2. I also really like the idea of using recylced materials, so often they are built better and in more practical configurations. You are really fortunate to have a dedicated area - I can't imagine what it is like to be able to leave 'stuff' out and not have it disappear!

  3. Cool. I like those boxes with the kids stuff in the,=m. Will use that idea as their current plastic storage boxes are full and need new idea for current stuff.

  4. Lovely to be able to see where you create - and envying you that bookcase/shelves on your desk!


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