Friday, August 26, 2011

Challenge # 7 - The News ...

Hi there again. After a week of looking at all of our scrap spaces it is time to actually use them and come up with some new pages - and a new challenge for you all.

I remember reading a while ago, probably nearly two years ago, an article over on Ali Edwards blog about having a good look in your albums to see what was missing or what you'd like to include more of. For me it was extended family and events going on locally and world wide. In the past year or so I have made a big effort to include pages that go beyond what is happening to my immediate family, sometimes they are simple facts and figures, sometimes they are my reactions to a news item and sometimes they are random thoughts that pop into my head after noticing a newspaper article or listening to the radio.

So, here is the challenge - find something that is happening locally, nationally or internationally that sparks your interest, makes you cross, proud, happy or sad and get it down on paper or pixels. Your inspiration may come from the radio, the newspaper, the internet or the television and it can be serious, thoughtful or hilarious - that part is up to you!

Let's see what we have all come up with ...

First up today is Sharon, her page is one she recently made to include in her WITL project - this is a great idea as I know many of you might wonder where a page like this would fit in your albums, I would say this is just the right place!

Next is a double page spread from Nicole. Nicole has deliberately tried to emulate the feel of a newspaper with her headlines and design. I love how she has taken two events and then expanded the journaling to include emotion and memory, these pages would also fit beautifully into your regular albums and could be included as part of an end of year summary.

Emma has used an international event to spark some very thoughtful journaling, make sure you enlarge this page if you can't quite see what she has written - it is, again, a wonderful response piece to a large event that most of us enjoyed earlier in the year!

Diane responded to a newspaper article that has featured a local and a national issue. I love the juxtaposition of the political and the sporting, this is really emotive journaling and I love the passion with which she has responded to these events!

Finally today I have a couple of pages to share. The first one is a response piece, it contains barely more than the facts and figures about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier in the year. I wanted to make a layout that was stark and thoughtful.

Secondly, this page is about my favourite all time sport and how much I love the rivalry between these two teams and countries. I used the recent World Championships as the springboard and journaled about the excitement and also a little bit about the inequality between males and females in the sporting arena, especially when it comes to how much they are paid and how much media exposure they receive.

So, there you have it - that is what we at SAG have come up with in response to the challenge ... now it is your turn. Don't forget to leave us a comment when you get your pages done, well, you can leave us a comment even if you don't get a page done - we love to get them and we love all those great questions you ask and the feedback you have been providing!

See you soon,



  1. AWESOME post Amy!!! Yes our political issues are not good here right now. Our federal government is letting so many people around this amazing country down right now. AWESOME pages ladies!!!

  2. Everyone's pages are awesome! Love that we have all had a completely different take on things! Awesome is right Di!

  3. Emma, I would love to copy and paste that journaling - that was just how I felt. Di, love those arrow lines. Amy, USA and Canada in ice hockey - there's an intense rivalry! Sharon, love the cranky Mum line at the end. Personalises the whole thing, in a great way! Love it all girls.

  4. brilliant pages and perspectives, and really we should follow Amy's lead and do this more often.

    Amazing pics of the dust storm Nicole, I remember it will - 2009 was an eventful year on many counts!

  5. Thank you for a very interesting post and great L.Os!!
    Greetings from Chicago

  6. Interesting post ladies, I am going to give this a go, thanks for the push!

  7. Love these - especially the tsunami and the Diamonds layout!!!
    I occasionally try to impress people with my knowledge of Australian net ball . . . for which i credit you. LOL!

  8. Thanks to this challenge I made two layouts this weekend about an earthquake we had Tuesday and Hurricane Irene. Wouldn't have done either without your blog.


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