Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've heard that Diane acquired a very cute new 'stampin up' owl punch (from Emma) about a day after I finished this layout, and if I can get my hands on that punch for a minute or so I would be willing to re-do this traditional paper layout, to include a punched owl!

In the mean time, here's the layout as it is at the moment, mixing b/w and colour photos of my youngest girl being very much herself. Always perched or balanced up high somewhere. Hanging or swinging, often upside down from a high branch somewhere. Yesterday at my parents house she was scurrying along the back fence which is a rendered concrete wall about 15cm wide. She was in a crouched position on her hands and feet, and the wall has a good 6 foot drop. We noticed her from our position inside the house, a small distance away, and my Dad says, "she looks like a ringtail possum scurrying across the wires".  Does anyone else's kids have animal like tendencies??


  1. I have one here who changes on a daily basis, we mostly like to be a cat or a dog or a dolphin.
    I love the colour scheme on this one Nicole and the owl punch sounds very cute ... but don't go redoing a whole layout - add it to another!

  2. Gorgeous LO Nicole! Love the pictures. I have to say the Stampin Up Owl punch would be perfect for this! But love it how it is as well. Love the colours.

  3. gorgeous page, love the pics of that cute girl (who is not looking so little anymore!) Georgie too loves to climb trees and other things, even with a cast on its leg!

  4. What a lovely, lovely page! Such a great photo and moment to capture, and I just love your simple design and choice of colours.

  5. The SU owl punch will be perfect for this LO, and so easy to add to it. My friend has the punch and I quite often borrow it :)


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