Monday, July 25, 2011


Wow! So many great responses to Amy's question...

So far it seems many of you love to see simple sketches and completed pages and are keen to 'get to know' the person behind the page. I have to agree that it is lovely to get to know people through their pages. Just the other day Sharon commented that she has watched my girls 'grow' up via my pages. To me that is the perfect compliment, it means the story on my pages is the focus :)

So today I have a digital page to share. To be honest I much prefer a tradition cardstock & photo page but with so many great templates available these days (and the fact it is winter in Australia and when I am on my couch under a rug it is much easier to grab my laptop than get up and move to the scrap room!) I seem to be doing a lot of digi.

I am doing Ali Edwards WITL starting today so last night I had a play with the 2011 Templates . I wasn't sure at first as I am a linear scrapper BUT... I LOVE THEM!!! They are moving me out of my comfort zone and that is good :)

Oh...and Sharon...she is growing up before both our eyes !

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  1. This is just the right sort of photo for the template - yes, I had to nod in agreement with Sharon's comment the other day ... our kids are growing very quickly!

  2. stunning page, stunning girl. can't wait to see how this prints

    and "getting to know" the person who makes the page adds more meaning for the reader I find! and I love that we've each injected our own personality into our "bio's" here on this blog - one way to get to know US a little more!

  3. My word, she is beautiful. :) And this is a stunning page - you've made it work so very well for the photo! Looking forward to a Week in Your/My Life too!

  4. Love this layout and that photo is gorgeous!

    I've been busily taking photos today for WITL, but I'm going with a different format to Ali's so will be good to see what everyone comes up with! Enjoying it so far.

  5. Great photo and I love the template - totally gonna lift that little date format.

  6. A great layout, and the templates are a must have. Such a beautiful photo. I have just uploaded my "Summer Hues" layout, so busy at the moment but the inspiration is just great.


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