Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just To Quote ...

Well I am in the thick of things as far as Week In The Life is concerned, once I decided how to approach the whole project that is! Are you participating this year? Today I wanted to show you a page that combines lots of elements that have become my go-to scrap style.

Digital scrapbooking has very quickly become my preferred way to scrap, once you get the hang of the basics it is super fast. And let me say, you only need to know a few of the basics to produce effective pages - I classify myself as a novice - there are no fancy drop shadows or extractions and yet I am still able to enjoy this medium and produce pages when and where I like.

So yes, the elements I use and enjoy are digital templates, lovely papers, a good photo or two or three or four and most importantly an interesting story to combine them all together. Just like my challenge a couple of weeks ago, I really do rely on conversation to add immediacy to my pages. I treat scrapbooking as if it were my diary, sometimes it is retrospective, but mostly it is immediate and about all sorts of bits and pieces in my life  .... this is a big reason why I love WITL, it really encourages us to journal about what is going on around us right now!

Thanks for dropping by today, don't forget to leave a comment on Sunday's post for a chance to win some Stampin' Up products and, if you are taking on the WITL journey, let us know over on our facebook page.

The template today is one I have made myself and all the papers are available through Oscraps.



  1. Ditto on the first two comments!!

  2. Yep, great layout, awesome photo and love the story!

  3. Love the thought of you having 'a word with the magpies'!
    Alison xx

  4. You have an awesome ability to capture simple yet amazing moments in time xx

  5. There was an interesting discussion about this on our UKScrappers Forum before I went away. Lots of us were remarking on how, once our kids became teenagers, that "immediacy" thing starts to fade away a bit. When they are little, there are so many firsts to record, so many little details. And they are interested in being in pictures. But that starts to disappear as they get bigger. The kind of firsts teenagers have are definitely not the kind of firsts they want to have their Mum writing about! Of course I do make some personal pages about them which never appear on the blog. But generally I think it is because they are growing up that I have turned to more subjects from my own childhood and stories about the past. It's an interesting subject! Some posters on the forum actually said they were turning to other crafts because they felt they didn't have anything to record anymore. Can't see me going that far, thank goodness!

  6. Yes, I like the "immediacy" of your scrapbooking style. I looked at this page and said "I wonder what Julia has been saying this time" - and sure enough, it was a report on her funny little sayings. I just love to see these pages, with your guys' big blue eyes, cheeky little faces and to read what they have been doing or saying. They're great kids and you are doing a wonderful job of documenting their characters and special moments, as they grow.
    I like this template very much - it's simple, but has enough elements to interest - the three different papers in the boxes, the laaaaarge photos, the dotty lines round the sections, the font you have chosen for the journalling and title.
    Cool page, Amy!

  7. A beautiful layout Amy, I know you mentioned it was your own template but would you mind telling me did you just use a text box with a pattern border for the outlines.
    It looks so good.

  8. Hi Cheryl, I used dotty border brushes and then resized them to suit my template, then I used the type tool in PS CS3 create what is the equivalent to a text box in PS. The background is digital patterned paper. When I become a little more savvy I need to correct this template, sometimes I would like what is in the dotty border part to be a separate colour to the rest of the background ... need to work out how to do that!
    Thanks for the question Cheryl, and thanks for all of the love here today ... you could all make a girl blush!


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