Sunday, July 24, 2011

Changing Things Up A Bit ...

Hi, it's me again, three days in a row? Don't worry, there's a change in the guard tomorrow!
Speaking of tomorrow and changes, we have decided to change things a little over here.
Challenges will now run fortnightly and will appear on Fridays, just in time for the weekend when we are sure you have more opportunity to focus on a little time for yourselves. Don't worry though, we won't leave you high and dry on the alternate weeks, we have a few question and answer sessions organised and even the odd tutorial or two. We love your questions and look forward to hearing your views on all sorts of topics.

You will also have noticed that we have started a facebook page, it's over on the right in the sidebar, head on over we would love to see you there.

Remember, it is not about pressure or deadlines here.

Last week we had a great conversation around printing digital pages and collages, quite timely in the lead up to Ali Edwards' A Week In The Life project, supplies can be difficult to find, especially for our friends over the ditch in New Zealand. We have added a link in our sidebar to Remember When, Lee has always been more than helpful with ordering and dispatch and if you have any queries regarding the availability of page protectors and albums we are sure she will be able to help.

Now, just before we finish up with all the administrative chat I wanted to let you know that my page today is a lift from our team member Emma, it's a take on her page which was featured right HERE.
Emma has kindly offered a little give away for one lucky commenter today, if you are interested in a little surprise pack containing some lovely Stampin' Up products leave us a comment on this post before Friday 29th when Sharon will announce the winner in our first Q&A session. My question today ... What do you most like to see on a scrapbooking blog?



  1. firstly, cute page. I must do one similar about my own boy and next year....

    what do I like on a SCRAPBOOKING blog? pages obviously, simple ideas for memory keeping - and I find I most enjoy reading the story behind a page, the bit extra that puts any journalling into context.

    Looking forwards to the few changes around here, it should be great fun! and looking forward to seeing who gets the great Stampin Up prize!

  2. Great page!! Love that photo and the colours!

    Looking forward to the changes taking place. Everyone remember to comment so you are in the running for the Stampin Up Prize!

    As for what I like on a blog...inspiration! I love seeing different layouts, but I also love reading topics that others do. Sometimes it jolts my memory for something that has happened in my life!

    Looking forward to what everyone has to say.

  3. The things I most enjoy seeing on scrapbooking blogs are technique tips and layout ideas. Oh, and an occasional giveaway is always a bonus, too!! :)
    Amy P

  4. So glad to hear challenges are changing to Fridays, certainly suits me better as I am a weekend creator :)

    The scrapbooking blogs I frequent mostly have clean, simple pages with the emphasis on the page design or memory rather than product.

    And thanks for the chance to win, I love SU :)

  5. I like to see lots of pages and a couple of close up shots, techniques and tutorials.

    BTW that is one beautiful little girl you have there Amy.

  6. I like seeing pages and mini books. I don't care much for techniques really. And I am relational kind of person- so I like to get to 'know' the writer a bit.

    Friday challenges are great- if only I got around to doing one.

  7. I like to see sketches (and more than one example of a page made from it), and tutorials - but as long as the blog is colourful and entertaining, I don't mind really.
    Have only found SAG recently, and I'm really liking your style so far.

  8. That's a very lovely page - there is something about clean and simple lines that makes my heart sing! What do I like to see? Completed pages for inspiration, something of the flavour of the person who is posting or the story behind the page, and ideas for LOs - I am often inspired by the choice of subject too. I'm glad you moved the challenge to Fridays - I might have a hope of contributing now! But loving everything so far. :)

  9. awwwwwwww.... beautiful layout Amy! Love those eyes.

    On a scrapbooking blog? I'm looking for lots of layouts - of all types - for inspiration. Some "get to know you" kind of stuff about the creators. Tutorials here and there are GREAT! And giveaways are nice, but I wouldn't stop visiting if there weren't anything. That's just sprinkles on top of the icing to me.

  10. Love that you're changing the challenges to a Friday....I enjoy a good Sunday scrapping session!
    On a Scrapbooking blog I like to see sketches and LOs, but I also like to learn more about the lives of the bloggers too!
    Alison xx

  11. I love the simple pages that I can lift, so the photos and stories are the focus. Love sketches and moving the challenge towards the weekend is a smashing idea. Must give one a go. Keep up the good work. Simple is great.
    I'm definately not a tissy girl.

  12. I am so glad I found this blog I have already learnt so much and you girls were so helpful the other day with all my printing questions!!

    I love that the focus on the layouts on this blog is the photo and memory rather than the bling so I would love to see more ideas, discussions and tutorials on simple clean scrapbooking!

  13. Natalie - "focus on the memory and the photo" YES! that is us, you've got it in one.

  14. I don't mind when you do what, I am just grateful whenever there is one of your beautiful simple layouts to inspire me, there on my computer screen. I love the challenges and the variety in all your styles, even though they are all still clean and simple. I love the frequency of the posts also. There really are no magazines out there that inspire me, so I feel grateful that there is a site like this and I don't even have to pay for it or go to the shops to get it! I have felt like a bit of a lonely scrapper as I always felt like my style was so different to most-so thank you for all getting together and doing this, I think it is wonderful. And I think most people love giveaways but I probably wouldn't notice if you had any or not. And its great to have a link to Remember When, Lee has great letter stickers and stocks American Crafts Albums which are the nicest albums I have seen around, and she also has very personal service which I like! So, thanks again.

  15. Thanks for the give-away. I like seeing scrapbook pages that I can use as an inspiration - a simple formula that I can scraplift. I also really like to see double-page spreads and pages that have three or four pictures on them. That's how I scrapbook, and I think there's a void out there in that area.

  16. Am loving all the layouts - sorry I haven't been participating of late but we are on internet go slow after exceeding our download allowance!!! am blaming the kids, got nothing to do with my scrapping addiction.

    Here's a challenge for you - how about some tutorials on say creating your own templates in video format ala CZ.....just a thought :)

    Also love how consistent you guys are - sticking to the schedule and always commenting if we post something - love that makes me feel like I matter!

    Catch you next time maybe after August 4th when my internet speed is back to normal. Fran A

  17. I'm enjoying seeing lots of simple clean LOs in different styles - great for inspiration and ideas to scraplift.

    Just having a place that celebrates simple is fantastic - keep doing that and I'll be happy


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