Thursday, June 23, 2011

best mum...

Wow, great response from the challenge. The SAG team loved visited each blog and looking at what you'd done! (Kirsten, we all tried to comment on your blog, but they bounced back :(). THanks all for getting involved - please continue to add your links under the challenge from yesterday so we can see what you've been up to. Next Monday is new challenge!

Onto today's layout.
While I am very FAR from the 'best Mum ever', middle daughter who is particularly loving, thinks for now, that I am. So I'm going to go with it while I can!! She left me this sweet little note on the fridge.
I made her tell me why she thought such a thing. PS And I do have a T-shirt just like that with a tree on it (and God love her, she even made my legs thin!).


  1. Oh, my.... Heart-melting! You sound like an amazing mum to me, I think she has the right idea :)

  2. It looks like the technical issues have been over come ... thank goodness! This layout reminds me, I have a few paintings and drawings I want to photograph and get down on a page ... could you bring me my tea in the car pleae? :-) You have a gorgeous girl!

  3. Oh, now lovely is this! What a thing to treasure (and thin legs is a bonus!). Super page.

  4. I love saving the kids art and this is a perfect way to do it.

  5. Oh so lucky that her artists eye has picked up on the little details - the shirt and the thin legs! ;-)

    love this page; I am not sure my girls would have as many nice things to say about me, its been one of those weeks - middle child even remarked at the dinner table "gee mum you are cranky tonight!" (as opposed to the "normal cranky"!)

  6. Way to cool. I just found two pics Maddy drew of me and Tony yesterday and they are on my pile to scrap...tonight then :)
    Yes Sharon...I am a bit worried might I might get this week too...a grump lives here too!

  7. That is great! Love it Nicole. I've scrapped a few pictures in teh past, but they never look that good!!!


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