Thursday, June 23, 2011


Keep those challenge pages coming girls. There are lots of great interpretations :) If you have just arrived at SAGs scroll down a few posts to find our first challenge.

The page I am sharing this week was inspired by an evening of pizza, chocolate,  tea (yes just tea) and scrapping with Nicole. So credit to Nic for the design...

but  credit to me for that cute kid in the blue singlet! My baby girl Livvy :) Oh and what about the cutest little neighbour in the pink skirt...she is a doll!


  1. I just love those brads aboe the top photo - the perfect way to add some colour and make both cols the same height

  2. Just popped back for some more inspiration & to check on the closing date for challenge #1.

    Now I know it is supposed to be a weekly challenge but as I can't see a date for the challenge post I can't work out when the cut-off date will be!! I may just be having a blonde moment & it's staring me in the face, but can you help...?!!!

  3. Okay, thanks to Helena I now know what a brad is.
    I'm coming along.
    Without this blog I would never have known that.

  4. And Fiona ...Do you know what we call our storage container for our brads...
    A brad pit..sorry bad joke :)

  5. This is lovely - such great photos too, and the blues are perfect.

  6. snicker snort ... my brad pit is empty! ;-)

    Great page Di, the colour is spot on and the title and the brads are just the right amount of texture for this page ... especially as it has such cute photos!

  7. Oh those Twix bars were so darn good at midnight. Love how this turned out.
    Sandi, I don't think we have a cut off date on the challenges. Just go for it, whenever you post a link is fine with us.

  8. Very cute Di...those photos are adorable! Love the layout too!

  9. love love love
    what more is there to say?

    (apart from little bums in shorties?!)

  10. this is a great LO design!
    ...and definitely a cute kid in the blue singlet :)

  11. Oh, adorable :) What a gorgeous pair of photos on a gorgeous layout!


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